Over the next 8 weeks we will be offering a discipleship class at Open for parents that are seeking to better understand their role in parenting and the responsibility that God has given them to rightly raise their kids in the Lord.  We will also be addressing God’s role in our parenting as well as the role of the child to respond rightly to God.  Below is a short critique of this book by one of our parents.

As a parent this book is invaluable. If your children are toddlers or teens or anywhere in between this book will help you understand your role in your child’s life and God’s grace in the midst of your many imperfections and failures. Three seasoned parents who themselves have walked through various trials with their children bring God’s word to help and give hope to the rest of us. If you are currently struggling with a child/teen/young adult that is making bad choices please know you are not alone in this struggle and God is in the midst of this time in your life.”
—written by parents of young adults